DeAnima – Tailored Carbon Frames

Made to measure.
Before the advent of sloping frames the standard was to have a made to measure frame. Behind the philosophy of the sloping frame is the standardisation of the the frame sizes which allows you to go from a traditional production method to a semi-industrial. To have a range with just 3 or 4 sizes instead of at least 10 brings a sizeable cost reduction. At this point we need to ask ourselves a question – It is necessary to have a made to measure frame? We think that for the most part the answer is yes. Yes because we are all different, in our anthropometric measurements, in the way we pedal and ride. Yes because its in the tradition of frame building. For both the steel and the carbon, while having a standard geometry chart, contrary to what the market offers we prefer to make made to measure frames for our customers. This approach does not make any difference to the delivery time and does not make any difference to the final price.