This is Italy

An obsessive attention to detail and a commitment to building the finest racing bikes in the world run deep in the culture of Passoni. Our frame builders have decades of experience crafting custom frames for bike lovers in all four corners of the world, and from all walks of life. From tradesmen to businessmen; enthusiasts to pro-racers.

But whatever their background and wherever their location, all of our customers share an unbridled love of bikes with exacting standards of quality. That’s why at Passoni we use only the best alloys available; weld in a vacuum using a closely guarded mixture of gas perfected over 30 years; and spend 30 hours polishing each frame before it leaves our state-of-the-art, Milan-based atelier.

Our passion is to build your dream bike from the world’s finest materials. Our commitment is to build thoroughbred machines, fit for the pro-peloton.

History. Craftsmanship. Performance. Welcome to our new collection.

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